Most young adults must have their wisdom teeth extracted due to a lack of space in the oral cavity. The wisdom teeth may have broken through into the oral cavity, but in doing so they may encroach on the roots of neighbouring teeth if there is insufficient space for them in the dental arch. Those neighbouring teeth can sustain long-term damage as a result and so we recommend that such patients have their wisdom teeth removed.

The position of the wisdom teeth, tucked away at the back of the mouth, offers a suitable point of entry for bacteria. Painful suppurative inflammatory conditions may result which must be treated immediately. First the inflammation is treated, then the tooth is extracted.  

We extract wisdom teeth under local or general anaesthesia, in a careful  and painless manner, in a single short session. All four wisdom teeth can be removed at the same time. The advantage of this is that the patient only has to undergo a single operation. Another important factor is the post-operative resting period. After each wisdom tooth extraction, the body needs three days to recuperate, so if the teeth are removed all at once, there is only one recuperation period.

Unfortunately, teeth do not always grow in the right direction. Sometimes they grow laterally or even in the opposite direction. In agreement with your private dentist or orthodontist, we will remove these incorrectly growing teeth painlessly under local anaesthesia, or under general anaesthesia if you prefer.