The demand for aesthetically pleasing teeth and dentures is constantly increasing. Missing teeth can be replaced by attractive crowns and bridges. IImplants, which replace the root of the tooth, are the preferred choice. The availability of implants means it is no longer necessary to grind down the neighbouring teeth in order to install a bridge, as the bridge can now be mounted directly onto the implants.

Often, a full denture will gradually become loose.  This occurs because of ongoing bone atrophy, which is observed especially in toothless bones. The denture begins to slip more and more when the wearer is talking or chewing, and can even fall down or out of the mouth. Using implants, we can firmly secure the denture so that the wearer feels more confident when talking and eating.

We provide top quality state-of-the-art implants and carefully plan our approach to implantation according to the latest scientific doctrine. The surgical procedure can be carried out under local or general anaesthesia. 

Bone augmentation before implants

Sometimes, bone augmentation surgery on the upper or lower jaw is necessary to ensure that the inserted implants can be firmly mounted in a broad bone area. For this purpose, bone is taken from the lower jaw and transferred to the area where bone is lacking. We perform this procedure painlessly under local anaesthesia, or under general anaesthesia if you prefer. 

If a large amount of bone material is needed, it can also be taken from the iliac crest. This procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia and requires outpatient hospital services. The patient is admitted to hospital in the morning and can leave again once we have performed the surgery.