In our medical practice in Zug we advise and treat our patients using state-of-the-art concepts and therapies. Besides a consultation and treatment room, we have a modern operating theatre where we carry out outpatient procedures.

For procedures requiring general anaesthesia, the anaesthesiologists and surgeons of the Zug Cantonal Hospital and Limmatklinik (ZH) are at our disposal at all times.  The operating theatres of both clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and are ready to receive patients around the clock.

For more extensive procedures, patients are admitted to the Zug Cantonal Hospital or  Limmatklinik (ZH) and attended by a nursing team. Physiotherapists who have completed special certified training in maxillary surgery can be brought in at any time. Doctors of all specialisations are available for our patients at all times for consultation.